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State Hospitals

On this tab, you will find information on the Department of State Hospital facilities across California. As we develop this new webpage, we are working to make it more customer-focused and user-friendly. We are also taking the opportunity to update the information. As we complete a new set of pages for each hospital, we will add them to this tab, so check back for updated information.

The Department of State Hospitals has seven facilities, of which Stockton is still being built:


Department of State Hospitals – Patton’s 21st Annual Forensic Mental Health Conference will take place February 26-27th, 2014. This year’s theme is BEST PRACTICES IN FORENSIC MENTAL HEALTH.

DSH – Patton is a Forensic Hospital operated by the California Department of Mental State Hospitals. It is located in San Bernardino, California. We are a forensic facility with licensed bed capacity of 1500 for individuals who have been committed by the judicial system for treatment. The hospital provides psychiatric care and treatment to judicially committed, mentally disordered adult individuals.

Our annual conference consists of presentations in all areas of forensic mental health, including the history of mental health, corrections, probation, parole, legal, law enforcement, conditional release, community-based treatment facilities, State hospital treatment facilities, holistic treatment, individuals or groups involved in patient advocacy and/or family support, and individuals or groups from educational institutions.

The audience for this conference is very diverse. Last year over 400 participants were able to attend. In addition we also provide a live feed to other state hospitals, to our individuals served and staff on the treatment units. Our audience includes the individuals served, mental health professionals from State hospitals and institutions, prisons and jails, county mental health services and private practice, the judicial community and patient advocacy, and family support groups.

The theme of this year’s conference is Best Practices in Forensic Mental Health. If you are interested in participating as a presenter in this year’s forensic conference, please submit the Call for Papers, Curriculum Vitae, a brief synopsis and goals and objectives by October 2, 2013 to be considered. You may submit your materials electronically to: and or submit hard copies to:

DSH – Patton
Staff Development Center
Attn: Lorraine Jimenez, CSW, TO II.
3102 East Highland Ave.
Patton, Ca. 92369

Additional Information: