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Vacaville Psychiatric Program


The mission of DSH - Vacaville is to provide quality mental health evaluation and treatment to inmate-patients. This is accomplished in a safe and therapeutic environment, and as part of a continuum of care.


TEAMWORK: We promote collaborative partnerships with all disciplines involved in providing care to inmate-patients. We work as a team and foster open communication, recognizing individual contribution, with high regard to professionalism, toward achieving a common goal of quality and excellence in the delivery of services.

INNOVATION: The Program recognizes the benefits of maintaining a dynamic working environment that fosters creativity and innovation. New ideas and novel concepts are encouraged as potential solutions to problems and alternatives to traditional modes of operation. While creativity is a catalyst for positive change, deliberative planning is a mandatory prerequisite. Inherent in this process is the concurrent development of valid and reliable efficacy measurements.

PROFESSIONALISM: All staff will maintain high standards of performance and behavior. All staff will maintain principles of mutual respect and act in ways that meet and exceed community standards for professional and ethical behavior.

DIGNITY AND RESPECT: The Program fosters an environment in which all individuals are treated with dignity and respect. This encompasses recognizing psychosocial, spiritual and cultural diversity, and provides for fair and equitable treatment of all individuals. Cultivating a collaborative relationship among clinical and custody staff based on mutual respect and shared goals is essential.

QUALITY: Through the process of continuous improvement we strive for quality in all aspects of the delivery of care and service. Customer requirements are consistently examined and individual responsibility and accountability promoted. We foster professional training, clinical research, and innovative programs which constitute the driving forces of the program.

SAFETY AND SECURITY: Maintaining safety and security is paramount in ensuring the success of our mission. Inmate-patients are provided care and treatment within a safe and secure environment with the understanding that the former cannot exist without the latter.


We will meet challenges in the provision of quality forensic patient care through professional training, clinical research, and innovative program development, evaluation, and improvement. We will apply principles of quality improvement and empower all individuals to identify opportunities to improve and participate in creating solutions.


The Department of State Hospitals - Vacaville is committed to the pursuit of quality in providing assessment and treatment services to the mentally ill inmates in the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. It is our belief that the right to psychiatric treatment services is inherent in the rights of prisoners, and that effective provision of these services benefits the individual patient, those associated with the patient, and society as a whole. Our program is a pioneer in the provision of acute and intermediate inpatient mental health services within a prison. We accept the many challenges of assuring quality mental health services while maintaining safety and security as ultimate priorities. We understand that we address the needs of a unique patient population, and that many forensic issues must be addressed in treatment and discharge planning. This requires a specialized treatment staff, an interdisciplinary approach, and a conceptual adherence to a systems theory of service delivery. We believe that these elements are epitomized in the bio-psycho-social rehabilitation model.


Department of State Hospitals - Vacaville
P.O. Box 2297, Vacaville, CA 95696
Telephone: (707) 449-6504
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