Vaccine Administration Report

November 2021

The Department of State Hospitals (DSH) began its vaccination campaign in late December 2020 when vaccines were released in California to protect our patients and the employees who serve them from COVID-19. Vaccination against COVID-19 is the most effective means of preventing infection with the COVID-19 virus, and subsequent transmission and outbreaks. COVID-19 remains a concern to public health and, in order to prevent its further spread, DSH not only offers and provides vaccinations to its patients, but ensures that employees, including those newly hired, are vaccinated in accordance with the Health Care Worker Vaccine Requirement as defined in the State Public Health Officer Order of August 5, 2021. To maximize vaccine protection against COVID-19, DSH also offers booster shots and additional doses to patients and employees.

DSH remains committed and vigilant in our response to the pandemic, reducing the chance of transmission to vulnerable populations through our vaccination efforts. The following data dashboard provides two views – the first containing the data for employee vaccinations within the DSH system, and the second providing a view of the vaccination for the patients residing in our hospitals. The bar chart in the upper left corner of each dashboard illustrates the total vaccination status for the population being viewed – employee or patient, followed by tables that show vaccination status first by count and then by percentage of vaccination. Included with this data is also the number of individuals who have been administered either an additional or booster dose.

Please note that variations in vaccination totals by hospital can be attributed to fluctuations in hospital census and employee hires/attrition over time.

DSH Vaccine Administration Report

Note: The following report is best viewed in the Microsoft Edge browser.

*Disclaimer: As of , this report is under development and may not reflect all vaccines administered due to a lag in data processing. Data includes accumulated first and second dose vaccination totals for each hospital.