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Senate Bill (SB) 184 (Chapter 47, Statutes of 2022) established a growth cap for all counties for individuals committed as Incompetent to Stand Trial (IST) on felony charges pursuant to Section 1370 of the Penal Code. The growth cap program was deemed by the legislature as an actionable solution to address the increasing number of individuals with serious mental illness who become justice-involved and deemed IST on felony charges by helping to ensure that the expansion of DSH-funded community-based care does not create unintended incentives that result in an increased number of individuals being found IST on felony charges. WIC section 4336 establishes a growth cap for each county for felony IST determinations and includes a county re-direction of funds that is aimed at supporting county activities that will divert individuals with serious mental illnesses away from the criminal justice system and lead to the reduction of felony IST determinations. Counties will only be eligible for re-directive funding if it exceeds its growth cap baseline. This page contains department released information, including the policy for the implementation of the Growth Cap.

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DSH Growth Cap Policy

Letter 23-003: IST Growth Cap and Penalty Payments, Revised 01/31/2024

Memo Releases by Date:

FY 2022-23 Q2 Progress Report

FY 2022-23 Q3 Progress Report

FY 2022-23 Final Reconciled Yearly IST Data Memo

Attachment B: FY 2022-23 Final Reconciled Yearly IST Data Report

FY 2023-24 Q1 Progress Report

FY 2023-24 Q2 Progress Report

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If you have additional questions that cannot be answered on this page, you may contact the DSH Growth Cap Team @ DSHISTGrowthCap@dsh.ca.gov.