Welcome to the website of the Clinical Psychology Internship Program (CPIP) at the California Department of State Hospitals-Napa (DSH-Napa). Our training program has been continuously accredited by the American Psychological Association since 1959. As the second largest forensic hospital in the country, DSH-Napa offers a broad range of clinical psychology training opportunities. The Psychology Department consists of approximately 84 clinical psychologists - 20 percent of whom are former DSH-Napa interns committed to creating a supportive training environment for each new intern. DSH-Napa is located in the culturally and ethnically diverse San Francisco Bay Area. Approximately 50 percent of hospital staff and patients identify as racial/ethnic minorities, reflecting the diversity of the Bay Area-at-large.

To learn more, please feel free to use the convenient navigation links to the right. You may also contact me directly at (707) 253-5070 or Kaitlyn.Eichenberger@dsh.ca.gov if you have any questions about the Clinical Psychology Internship Program at DSH-Napa.

Kaitlyn Eichenberger, PsyD
Director, Clinical Psychology Internship Program