Virtual Career Fair

On September 25th, the Department of State Hospitals - Atascadero will be hosting a virtual career fair to share information about our career opportunities with anyone who may be interested in working at our facility. If you’re interested in attending, please register at the link at the bottom of this page!

This virtual fair will consist of six separate sessions, each geared toward a specific set of available job classifications. Below is the schedule for September 25th.

Clinical Services – 9:00am Administration and Personnel – 9:00am
Psychiatry, Psychology, Physicians and Surgeons, and more Office and clerical staff, Analysts, Human Resources staff, and more
Level of Care/Nursing – 10:00am General Services – 10:00am
Registered Nurses, CNAs, Psychiatrics Technicians, and more Plant Operations, Engineers, Maintenance Staff, and more
Nutrition Services – 11:00am Police Services – 11:00am
Food Service Technicians, Registered Dietitians, and more Hospital Police Officers, including supervisory positions

Note: all times are Pacific Standard Time

In order to attend a session, you’ll need to register using the button below. If you’d like to attend multiple sessions, please reload the registration form once you’ve completed it and register again for each session.

Registration button

Contact Us

If you have any questions, or need assistance of any kind, please contact the DSH Recruitment Unit!

Phone: 916.654.2609