Financial & Housing Information

The internship program usually begins on August 1st and continues through June 30th. Although the program functions largely during the work week, occasional work and projects may need to be completed on weekends and after work hours.

Free housing is furnished on hospital grounds. Only interns are allowed to live in the on-site housing. No pets are allowed. All meals will be provided per site availability. A small educational stipend will be paid monthly.

Use of a private vehicle is required since transportation to off-site locations is the intern's responsibility. The affiliations are located within a 100-mile radius of Napa and public transportation is not available. Carpooling cannot be depended on as a means of transportation since each intern's schedule is different.

Health insurance is required and interns will need to provide documentation that they are covered under a health insurance policy during the program. DSH-Napa Occupational Health Clinic and Employee Assistance Program offer limited services and are available to the interns at no expense.

Dietetic interns are not eligible for student loans through the program; however, deferments for outstanding loans can be made if allowed by the lender. DSH-Napa can provide documentation of status as an intern, or complete documents from the loan agency to verify status in an accredited certificate program.

Financial Estimates

Tuition – none
Stipend per month – approx. $ 600.00 (subject to change)
Housing – provided at no charge
Meals – provided at no charge

Estimated Expenses per Year

Academy membership – $58.00
Transportation – Varies
Professional liability insurance – $30.00
Drug/Alcohol testing – $80.00 - $120.00
Fingerprint background check – $60.00 - $200.00
Books, supplies – $400.00
Fees for meetings, conferences, etc. – $400.00 - $600.00
Cable internet service (on-site residence) – $330.00 - $660.00 (depends on plan selected)
RD exam application fee – $200.00 (subject to change)