DSH - Patton: Facilities

The Department of State Hospitals - Patton has three security compounds where the Individuals served are assigned to units within five large buildings. Space off the living unit is provided for activities. The hospital has a swimming pool, a multipurpose field, chapels, and a softball diamond within the security compounds.

Within the units the Individuals are assigned to a small room which is similar to a college dorm. The number of Individuals assigned to a room is based on the size of the room (3-5 per room). All units have a large living room, with chairs and tables and a television. Contiguous to each unit is a courtyard for outdoor activities.

Most of the activity areas and meeting rooms throughout the unit buildings are utilized for the PSR Malls. The hospital has some modular buildings that are also utilized.


Patient Day HallUnit Hallwayimage of facilityNurse’s Station DoorPatient Dorm Room