DSH - Patton: Internship Application Procedure

Overview of Application Process

The Department of State Hospitals (DSH) - Patton internship is a member of the Association of Psychology Postdoctoral and Internship Centers (APPIC) and our intern positions are selected through the APPIC match. Details on the match process can be found on the APPIC website.

The first step in the application process is to complete the online AAPI (APPIC’s standardized application) via the applicant portal on the APPIC website. The APPIC website provides instructions for completing the online AAPI and submitting letters of recommendation and transcripts for the online application process. The applicant then must indicate in the APPIC Applicant Portal that he or she wants the application to be forwarded to DSH - Patton by choosing Patton as a “Designated Site.” Please note that applicants interested in our Forensic and/or Clinical tracks should select our Forensic/Clinical Tracks code (Code Number 114912) and applicants interested in our Neuropsychology Track should select our Neuropsychology Track code (Code Number 114913).

Because we are a California State facility, all applicants must also submit the standard application for employment within the California State system (the California Examination and Employment Application, also known as Form 678). This form is available online via the link in the previous sentence. Applicants can download a PDF version of this form that can be completed electronically and saved as a PDF. This form can be completed relatively quickly by copying and pasting relevant information and job descriptions out of the applicant’s curriculum vita (please include actual job descriptions and do not simply indicate “see CV”). Applicants should email the completed Form 678 to the Internship Director, Dr. Glassmire, at david.glassmire@psh.dsh.ca.gov. Please note that although APPIC guidelines prohibit internship sites from requesting any materials to be mailed directly to the site, APPIC has made an exception for all internships in California that require this form as part of the application process. Also, please note that APPIC has indicated that they would prefer to have this form emailed directly to the internship site. The form should not be submitted as a supplementary material with the online AAPI.

All application materials must be successfully submitted via the APPIC website and the California Form 678 must be received via email by November 15th. Once completed applications are received, qualified applicants will be contacted to schedule an interview. Because completion of a work sample is part of the application process, on-site interviews are required. Although internship offers are made in February, actual employment in September is contingent on passing a physical examination (including a drug-screening) and a security clearance following fingerprinting.

Please note that the DSH - Patton Internship agrees to abide by the APPIC policy that no person at this training facility will solicit, accept, or use any ranking-related information from any intern applicant.


All application materials including transcripts and letters of recommendation must be uploaded via the APPIC Applicant Portal and the Department of State Hospitals - Patton must be selected as a “Designated Site” (i.e., a site that will receive the applicant’s information from APPIC) by November 15th to allow the Internship Director and Training Committee sufficient time to review applications for the selection process. Please refer to the deadlines for submission of rank order lists on the APPIC website.

Application Process at a Glance

Step 1-Complete the online AAPI via the Applicant Portal on the APPIC website.

Step 2-Select Patton State Hospital as a “Designated Site” on the APPIC Applicant Portal. Applicants interested in our Forensic and/or Clinical tracks should select our Forensic/Clinical Tracks code (Code Number 114912) and applicants interested in our Neuropsychology Track should select our Neuropsychology Track code (Code Number 114913). We have the same match code for the Forensic and Clinical tracks because applicants who apply to this code can select either track once they arrive. Only applicants who match under the Neuropsychology Track code will be enrolled in the Neuropsychology Track.

Step 3-Complete the California Examination and Employment Application (Form 678) and email it to david.glassmire@psh.dsh.ca.gov.

Step 4-Submit three letters of recommendation via the AAPI online recommendation submission portal on the APPIC website (at least one recommendation must be from a clinical supervisor who is not affiliated with the applicant's graduate program).

Step 5-The most qualified applicants will be invited for an individual interview. On the day of the interview, applicants will complete a written work sample. Tours of the facility are offered from 12:00 to 1:00 on each interview date. The tours are conducted by current interns so that applicants can have a chance to hear about the interns’ experiences during the internship year.

Step 6-Applicants submit their internship rankings to National Matching Services


For further information please contact us directly using the contact information below:

David M. Glassmire, Ph.D., ABPP, Internship Director
Department of State Hospitals - Patton
3102 E. Highland Ave.
AX-229 Patton, CA 92369
Phone: (909) 425-6573 Fax: (909) 425-6604