DSH - Patton: Psychiatry Training Programs

DSH-Patton is the designated site for training medical students and resident physicians in forensic psychiatry.

Students and residents from University of California Riverside, Loma Linda University, California University of Science and Medicine, and Kaiser Permanente, rotate at Patton State Hospital for their mandatory forensic training.

During their rotations at our hospital, residents have access to both forensic and advanced psychopharmacological consultations, which are directly supervised by assigned faculty members. Residents may occasionally accompany faculty members to jail, prison, or court to either observe or participate in evaluations or testimony.

All patients are adults and come from a variety of social, ethnic, and economic backgrounds. Predominant diagnostic groups at DSH - Patton include:

  • schizophrenia
  • bipolar mood disorder
  • major depression
  • delusional disorder
  • substance dependence
  • dementia
  • antisocial and borderline personality disorders

From a legal perspective, the patient population at DSH - Patton's is largely comprised of three groups:

  • prisoners transferred from Department of Corrections' facilities to DSH - Patton for stabilization of a psychiatric disorder
  • inmates transferred from jail for evaluation and treatment of incompetence to stand trial
  • persons found guilty, but not guilty by reason of insanity

Smaller patient groups at DSH - Patton include:

  • LPS and Murphy conservatorship
  • mentally disordered offenders paroled to Patton
  • sex offenders

Research activities: Students and residents may upon request may participate in research projects and publications. These can be found at:

Department of State Hospitals is currently developing an onsite residency program in cooperation with Loma Linda University which is currently in the process of ACGME accreditation. The residency program will accept applications in July 2024 for the residency year 2025.