DSH - Patton: Psychology Practicum Program

Welcome to the DSH-Patton Psychology Practicum Web Site. Our practicum training program provides clinical training to local doctoral graduate students in clinical psychology. The practicum program is not a part of our APA-accredited internship program. Rather, it is a distinct pre-internship training experience that is designed to help students prepare for full-time internships. Our practicum program is primarily focused on providing intensive training in psychological assessment in a forensic setting. Although all practicum students obtain experiences conducting diagnostic intake evaluations and general clinical assessments (e.g., psycho-diagnostic and intellectual assessments), the program also provides more specialized rotations in conducting neuropsychological and forensic assessments. In order to ensure that practicum students have the requisite assessment skills to complete our practicum successfully, we require that applicants have taken coursework in the areas of statistics/test construction, intellectual assessment, and personality assessment. Additionally, successful applicants generally have some previous experience with psychological testing. If interested, practicum students may have the opportunity to participate in one of our ongoing research groups.

The practicum program is a part-time (18 hours per week) training placement directed by David Glassmire, Ph.D., ABPP.  Each practicum student receives direct supervision from approximately four different licensed psychologists throughout the training year. Additionally, practicum students have the opportunity to be supervised by interns and postdoctoral fellows (under the supervision of a licensed psychologist). We have four practicum positions annually. Our practicum participates in the Southern California Association for Practicum Training (SCAPT) match process, which usually occurs in April of each training year. The applications are usually due one or two months prior to the SCAPT match day. If you are interested in our practicum placement, please contact Dr. Glassmire early in the practicum application process to obtain the application due date each year. We do not have any “captive” practicum positions.

Highlights of the practicum include:

  • Completion of approximately 20 supervised assessments
  • Four different rotations during the training year
    • Psychiatric intake assessments
    • Hospital-wide assessment consultations
    • Neuropsychological Assessment Service
    • Competency to Stand Trial assessments
  • Case conference seminar
  • Participation in select topics in the Internship Assessment Seminar *
  • Weekly individual supervision

Application Procedure:
Students must receive approval from their graduate school’s Director of Clinical Training (DCT) to apply to Patton’s practicum. Once approval is received from the student’s DCT, the following materials should be emailed to Dr. Glassmire at david.glassmire@dsh.ca.gov.

  • Cover letter stating why the Patton practicum is a good match for the student’s overall training goals.
  • De-identified sample assessment report.
  • Curriculum Vita

* Although practicum students participate in select portions of the internship assessment seminar, the practicum is a distinct program and is not a part of the APA-accredited internship in clinical psychology.