DSH - Metropolitan LA - Psychology Doctoral Internship:
Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the patient population like at MSH?

Metropolitan State Hospital treats approximately 750 patients committed under four main categories – Conservatorship (LPS), Incompetent to Stand Trial (PC 1370), Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity (PC 1026), and Mentally Disordered Offenders (PC 2972).

The units are largely divided by commitment codes, although in some cases there is a mixture of penal code patients on a unit. There is also two Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) units specifically dedicated to the treatment of medically fragile patients.

What are the rotations available?

The interns are expected to complete two rotations over the course of the year. Ideally, we offer a variety of rotation options, including experiences on Forensic unit (penal code patients), LPS unit, SNF unit, Float/assessment, and DBT unit. However, given the limited resources and operational needs of the hospital, sometimes certain units or experiences cannot be offered.

We do our best to give all of our interns a broad, generalist experience that includes a wide range of assessments and reports, individual and group therapy, work intimately within a treatment team, and didactics/trainings.

How many supervisors do interns have?

Each intern will have one primary supervisor and 2-3 delegated supervisors during each rotation. The primary supervisor will provide 2 hours of individual supervision each week and typically oversee the day-to-day work of the interns. The delegated supervisors provide supportive roles and can fill in during absences of the primary supervisors. Additionally, there are other licensed psychology staff members who can provide consultation, training and other supportive functions for the internship program.

What is the salary for interns? Other benefits?

The interns are considered MSH employees and receive a salary and benefits commensurate with their employee classification of 9851 Clinical Psychology Intern, Salary Range D ($3,446 - $4,106 per month). The interns begin at the lower limit of Range D.

Other benefits include paid vacation/sick time and medical insurance. The full list of benefits and specifics on items such as medical insurance and accrual rates for vacation time will be covered during the New Employee Orientation.

Are there dress code guidelines or attire restrictions?

Interns are expected to dress in a manner which reflects positively on the department, the hospital and their profession. This includes clothing that is considered to be of “suitable” color, fabric and style that reflect a professional status. This is typically referred to as “business casual.” Additionally, the clothing should be clean, neat and in good repair, and allow for the full performance of all duties.

Other considerations include the requirement of hospital-issued name badges and PDAS tags to be worn at all times. There is also the exclusion of neckwear (ties, scarves, necklaces, etc.) and khaki-colored clothing. The full list of dress code guidelines can be found in Appendix B of the internship brochure.